Centennial Hall Temporarily Closed

After consulting with representation from the Hanley Seniors, the Council for the Town of Hanley have decided to close the Centennial Hall till further notice. The front door will remain locked. These preventative measures are being taken to ensure the continued health and safety of the entire community, but especially those most vulnerable.



Saskatchewan Municipal Award

Waterwolf District Planning Commission received a Saskatchewan Municipal Award at the 2020 SUMA Convention.

Darice Carlson and Deputy Mayor Richard McGregor, receive the Saskatchewan Municipal Award.

A Regional Approach to Asset Management and Infrastructure Planning

The WaterWolf District Planning Commission (WaterWolf) is leading the way in bringing communities together. By sharing information among our member municipalities, we can provide the best possible quality of life for those who live and work in our region. Through continued municipal co-operation and resource sharing, WaterWolf has addressed regional needs in community planning, resource management, capacity building, and sharing of common services. Our approach toward regional collaboration was recognized in 2019 with a Saskatchewan Municipal Award for regional asset management.

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Lagoon Draining

It’s that time of year when the Wastewater Operator is draining the lagoon. If you are noticing more of a smell, that’s what it is!?