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Welcome to Hanley, Saskatchewan

Cell Phone for Office Use

In order to provide additional communication to the Town Office, the Council has purchased a cell phone for Office use. You can now text or call 1-639-213-7999. The text or calls will be answered during office hours (9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday closed from 12 – 1 pm). If the text or call is urgent or emergent, please indicate it at the beginning of your text.

If you would like to have your cell # added to the contact list on the phone, please text and give your name and we will add you.

You can still call the landline at 306-544-2223 or email We have also downloaded the Facebook Messenger app so you can message the office that way too!

January 2021 Newsletter

The January 2021 issue will be the last edition to be mailed out? The Newsletter will be available here on the website and on the bulletin board outside the Town Office.

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Community Calendars 2021

Community Calendars are ready for pick up at the school.

You may call the office number at 306-544-2511 and we will run one out to the front doors for you to pick up. You can also send the money to school with your students and we can send it home to you that way too.

Thank You.
Chris Tucker, Principal
Hanley Composite School