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  • Historically, Hanley was the site of the Hanley Opera House built in 1912.  A monument situated at the entrance to our town commemorates the Opera House. Hanley Opera House Cairn
  • Two of the many old farm schools are being utilized within the town. One of these school buildings is our golf course club house and the other is the Legion Hut.
  • Fifteen kilometers east is the Signet Lake Wildlife Observation area.
  • The Carlton Trail, used to transport Louis Riel to trial as well as a way to move homesteaders to their destinations is located 6 kilometers west of town. (Link)
  • Indi Lake, part of the Carlton Trail is located 9 kilometers northwest of town, was the locale of two trading posts.
  • The Trans Canada Trail; a project in the making, runs from Blackstrap along old highway #11 into town then west to Glenside.


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